Digital Rights Management

Source360 helps customers take a systematic approach to document security in partnership with top-tier digital rights management software.

  • FileOpen Systems provides file-centric security solutions that can scale from a handful of users to millions of concurrent document requests. FileOpen software has been market-tested for a wide range of mission-critical applications in corporations, governments, publishing and educational institutions worldwide since 1997.

  • Adobe Experience Manager Forms offers scalable, efficient digital rights management software to prevent unauthorized redistribution of digital mediaand its misuse by anyone inside or outside the enterprise. You decide how much security and permission is needed on any document you create. Control who can access them and under what circumstances. Make changes to security settings at any point during the lifetime of the document, from its beginning all the way to archival.

Stringent online security may protect your content from hacking, intrusion and fraud. Document security is an entirely different story.

Let Source360 digital rights management experts help you design and implement a document security system that spans all devices and protects your company's financial security and reduces exposure to legal risk whether users are local or worldwide.